2010 Monroe County 4-H Award Application Process (How To Do A Book!)

Please read the following information carefully!  It has been changed from previous years.  If you have questions, please call the extension office.  [To download or open the forms click on the colored title of the form.]

To receive a medal for your project(s) and be considered for the outstanding awards you must have:

a.  Done a local speech, PowerPoint or demonstration

b.  Done a county speech, PowerPoint or demonstration

c.   Must have a New Project Leader Form signed and turned into the secretaries’ book for each project you are in.  (Look in family handbook)

d.  Project books

a.  Have a folder or binder with your project records filled out for each project you are in.

b.  The cover of your folder/binder needs to have the following:

i.  Your Name

ii.  Your Club Name

iii.  Year

iv.  Your number of years in 4-H

v.  4-H age

vi.  Your name down the spine

vii.  Can include up to two pictures

viii.  Can be decorated how the 4H member would like (it will not be judged in the overall outstanding awards)

c.  Introduction sheet (see family handbook)

d.  Community Service Log (see family handbook, needs to be one page)

e.  Complete a project record form (keep to two pages) for each finished project

i.  Each project needs its own project record form –Monroe County modified project record forms.  These can be found in the handbook or on farmmom.com. [Monroe County Modified Project Record Form in Word doc format, Monroe County Modified Project Record Form in fillable Acrobat pdf format]

ii.  Shooting sports [Shooting Sports Project Record in Word doc format, Shooting Sports Project Record in fillable Acrobat pdf format] and Ham Curing each have their own form, which must be used.

iii.  These project forms must be signed by the 4-H member, the parent and the club leader.

f.  Include a story for each project record completed.

i.  At least one paragraph but no longer than one page.

ii.  No smaller than 12 font.

g.  Include 1-3 pages of photos for each project

i.  Each page of photos needs to be pleasing to the eye.

ii.  Each picture may include a simple border around the picture.

iii.  Each picture or group of pictures should have captions.

iv.  No scrapbooking embellishments allowed on these pages.

h.  The last three pages of the book may be photos of other 4-H activities participated in such as table setting personal development, special club activities, camp, etc.

14 and over 4-H members must fill out a Missouri Recognition Form [Missouri 4-H Recognition Worksheet
Level 3 (Ages 14-18) in Word doc format
, Missouri 4-H Recognition Worksheet
Level 3 (Ages 14-18) in fillable Acrobat pdf format
] and complete the project record book as described above.

4-H: Family Handbook, Project Record Books


Photos of other 4-H activities

Members of the judging committee have said that the 4 rules that apply to the photos for each project also apply to the last three pages of the book that consists of photos of other 4-H activities.


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