How to Order for Mexico Buying Club


One week prior to your order being due to MBC, you will receive an e-mail from our Yahoo Group alerting you to the date your order is due.  Members of MBC may view our order due dates and pick up dates at our Yahoo Group's Calendar.

Before or on the date your order is due to MBC, visit the online web ordering system and log in using your user name (email address) and your password. The printed catalog is no longer available but an online version can be found there. Then enter your desired products in your basket. The Mexico Buying Club order person will submit (commit) the groups order.

If you have a raincheck for a specially priced item not received on your last order, please send product #, product description, and special price in a message to the order person using the message board available on the online web ordering site. Send the message to "WEB ORDERING SURPLUS & RAINCHECK INFO"

After the group order has been invoiced, your invoice will be available to you on the web ordering site. At pickup you will receive a copy of your member account showing the invoice amount and any credits or amounts due to your account. Please pay the amount listed as the BALANCE on your member account.  Your BALANCE is not available at the online web ordering system.  It is only available on paper at Pick Up.

For more details, including how to split cases with other members, see the web ordering manual for members.

Sharon Krisby, Order Coordinator/Claims & Returns
(573) 581-6746
mkrisby [at] socket [dot] net

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