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Table Setting Handout

This handout has been around for a very long time. Recently revised to flip the napkins in the correct way.

Download pdf file of the Table Setting Handout

4-H: Table Setting

Poster Pointers

Suggested Personal Development Questions

Given to judges as suggestions for the Monroe County 4-H Personal Development Contest, these questions are still used in the junior division.

Personal Development Questions
(Revised 02-23-2004)

1. What kind of occasion or event are you dressed for?

2. What are your future goals?

3. Why is 4-H important?

4. How old are you?

5. When is your birthday?

6. What does 4-H mean to you?

7. Why and do you wear a seat belt?

8. Do you carry a brush or comb?

9. How many times a day should you wash your hands?

10. Why should you wash your hair and take baths or showers?

11. What kind of leadership qualities do you have?

12. When you are faced with a challenge, how do you handle it? Read more »

4-H: Personal Development

Lancaster Co. Nebraska, 4-H Table Setting Contest: Judging Example 2 (Re-enactment)

Another nice example of a member being judged on table setting.

4-H: Table Setting

Lancaster Co. Nebraska, 4-H Table Setting Contest: Judging Example 1 (Re-enactment)

Lancaster Co. Nebraska does a few things differently than Monroe Co. Missouri but this video will give new members a nice idea of what table setting is all about.

4-H: Table Setting

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